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Winter Curb Appeal

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Winter Home Sales

Showing a house in a Colorado winter can present its own unique set of challenges. Beautiful landscaping or bright blooms can dress up even the smallest and plainest of homes, soften the lines on a  severe house or lend a touch of elegance to a fixer upper. While the bones of a home’s curb appeal might show through- with tall trees or defining gravel paths- foliage and flowers are an advantage a house lacks in the winter when everything is buried under drifts of snow or the trees have simply dropped their leaves.

Here are some tips for winter curb appeal:

Make sure the property is tidy. If the leaves have fallen, but the snow hasn’t yet, make sure the yard has been cleared of leaves. When the snow comes, cleared sidewalks and paths are a must to make the house look accessible (not to mention that your movers and clients will thank you).

If there are evergreen plants in the yard, take a moment to make sure that they are also in presentable shape. They don’t have to be perfectly manicured topiaries, but an unruly juniper makes a big difference in a first impression.

Seasonal décor can be tricky since too much of it can make photos look dated. However there is a wide array out of outdoor lights, particularly strands of neutral white ones, that can be used to highlight and accentuate specific house features such as porches or other outdoor areas, that may be overlooked in the winter months. Patio furniture can also be utilized to make an outdoor space shine. Pots currently devoid of plants can be filled with silk leaves so they don’t look neglected, or  barring that can be relegated to the garden shed until summer.

Finally, details like well appointed address numbers, painted mailboxes and a fresh new welcome mat consciously unremarked upon, but overall they lend greatly to creating the general impression of a place you’d want to live.

Bright Ideas

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Lighting, like all things about staging, is a mixture of art and sales tactics. Selecting an appropriate lamp for the aesthetics of the home is important, but the overall purpose of a lamp is lighting itself. Without the proper bulbs, all a lamp is an odd shaped piece of statuary.

In order to make a room feel most hospitable and fully show off its potential, a buyer must be able to see the whole thing.  This doesn’t mean soft lighting isn’t acceptable. You don’t need a surgical grade overhead light in order to show off a room. Bright white lights with their harsh cast can be equally as off putting as darkness.

Rather, you simply need a well-lit room.  This can be best accomplished in a three points of light approach.  Use table and floor lamps create a triangle of light, not including the overheads.  The ultimate goal is to avoid pockets of darkness or shadow in a room which can make a space feel oppressive or gloomy.

Lighting has become something of a science in recent years as such a wide variety of bulbs have become available. Not only do bulbs come in different forms and colors, depending on the level of ambience desired, there are even such a thing as, Pulse  “Smart Bulbs,” which when screwed into regular fixtures, connect to Bluetooth and play music.  In general, these are probably not what you’re going to be purchasing for a staging, but does illustrate how far light bulb technology has come since Edison and others first began toying with them.

LED bulbs are a cost effective bulb that many homeowners are using.  Some of these LED bulbs have begun to be designed with “warmers,” on them that allow consumers to choose a between a cool energizing white or a pleasing yellow tone to help create a cozy glow.

Bulbs that are “quick to warm,” i.e. those that are instantly bright and don’t have any hang time in lighting up are less energy efficient, but when you have only moments to create a great impression, having a bulb that brightens immediately is significant.

Be wary of mismatching lamps and bulbs especially if a lamp requires a special kind. Both lamps and light bulb boxes generally offer labels with lighting facts on them to help you match them accordingly so you can research lumens (light produced) and watts (energy used)  and don’t accidently pair a lamp with too strong a bulb and create a potential fire hazard.

One last facet of bulbs to consider is the color of the bulb. Light color is measured by a number system called kelvins. The lower the kelvin number, the more yellow the light, the higher number the more white quality of the light. 2500K-3000K is the range that most incandescent lamps are in, as opposed to 3500K-4100K range in kitchens and bathrooms. In staging, these lower numbers create a warmer tone.

With many home buyers using the time after work hours to view homes, another way to enhance your staging is to ensure lights will be on for showings.  This can be achieved using light timers., setting a simple plug in timer to come on at dusk is an easy low-tech solution.  Maybe you are more high-tech and want to use something a client can control through a smartphone app.

No matter what style of staging you are working with, Set The Stage has the lamp selection to make you shine.  

Staging for the Season

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The winter season provides an exclusive design palate that stagers can capitalize on without using holiday specific items. While holiday lights and trappings are beautiful, it’s important for a house’s staging and photos to have a timeless quality. So, while a house may be gorgeously decorated for the holidays, photos taken with a Christmas tree might be less pertinent for a home’s sale in March.

However, a deliberate selection of warm colors and comfortable textures will invite prospective homeowners to pause and linger, before heading back outside into the cold weather.
At Set the Stage we have a wide variety of sofas, loveseats and occasional chairs to choose from that can make any home an appealing refuge from Colorado’s snowy days and nights.

Creating an atmosphere that is not only pleasing to the eye, but enticing to the other senses as well is essential.

For the nose, we like Fresh Wave products, especially their Crystal Gel Natural Odor Eliminator that uses all natural ingredients to get rid of any odors associated with a house closed up for the winter and replace it with a subtle scent of cleanliness.

Textures to warm and entice can help buyers as well. A faux fur throw can help elicit anticipation of curling up next to the fire with hot cocoa and a good book.

It’s not uncommon for our clients to spend quite a while selecting the perfect lamps to chase away the gloom and brighten things up. We have a beautiful assortment of holders and candles (although we ask that you don’t burn them!) that create the suggestion of cozy evenings spent in a new dream home.

Our winter weather in Colorado might make travel difficult, but stagers can use it to their advantage since it makes homes look mighty appealing!

Your Home’s First Impression is Showing

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Just like meeting a new person, when someone first meets your home, they get a first impression. With a little effort, make your home charm anyone who walks through the front door.

Place a small chest or sofa table just inside the door. Add a small lamp to make the entrance bright, along with two pieces of decor to make three piece vignette. If there isn’t space for a table, hang a colorful piece of art that fills the space you first see upon entering – making each visitor feel welcome.

Welcome to All About Staging

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Set the Stage Colorado is a Denver based staging and interior design company serving the Denver Metro and surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide the highest quality furniture and staging for the most reasonable price.

We opened in 1984, and with 30+ years of experience we are the industry leader with a proven track record.  Within our 22,000 sq. ft warehouse, professional stagers find exactly what they seek to make every staging project perfect.  Our president, Nancy Hopper, has the design expertise to ensure that you not only get a property staged – you get it staged to sell.

Set the Stage provides quality furniture and rugs, but what is more, we provide an outstanding selection of unique pieces in lamps, linens, décor and of course, art.

Set the Stage professionals are always there to assist in making every staged room perfect. And, with our energetic and reliable staff on the job, we remind stagers to Let us do the heavy lifting.